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I purchased A new RCS grille and I am liking it a lot. I also had a good sales person who was very knowledgeable on helping me male my final decision. Jimmy was very good at explaining every thing about the grille and it's warranty. He also helped me with some gas logs logs for my outside fireplace....

Robert Fischer, Atlanta GA
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Ice Chests

Ice Chests

We know that you love entertaining outdoors. This is why we are so passionate about providing you with items such as grills and accessories. But you might need something else for entertaining and this include products for keeping beverages, food and condiments cold. Don't worry, because we have you covered with items like a stainless steel ice chest. We have them in built in models as well as cart models
Why should you consider us for an item like a stainless steel ice chest? The answer is that products such as those manufactured by Grand Hall feature 304 grade stainless steel construction, a hinged lid with weatherproof seal, are fully insulated, and include drains.
We can also provide you with a drop-in ice bucket by Cal Flame that boasts a deep container for keeping everything cold. A drop-in ice chest by Bull BBQ is equally reliable for all of your needs.
We know that a stainless steel drop-in cooler like the one that we can provide you with from RCS is not only practical, but functional. This is because it includes features such as a swing-open lid, condiment trays, and a large drain.
Why do we offer such a wide selection that also includes an ice storage unit w/condiment trays? The answer is simple and it is that we want to make sure out loyal customers always have everything that they need for entertaining.

*Excludes Islands, Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Fire Tables, Pizza Ovens, Saunas, and Custom-made Items