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These folks are great. They are good with communication and customer service. Love the pizza oven I got from them. The prices were great and delivery charges less than competitors. There was a delay in shipping, but not due to the folks at WPS. Everything was packed with extra care.

Brian V.
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Vent Hoods

Vent Hoods
Wholesale Patio
Vent Hoods
Barbecuing outdoors is a pastime we all enjoy, and gathering around the grill with friends, family, and neighbors is as American as mom and apple pie. Once in a while, however, the smoke gets in your eyes. Wholesale Patio Store .com offers you a full line of vent hoods and outdoor rated grill canopy hoods that can draw away the smoke and odors, keeping your eyes from getting red, and keeping uninvited neighbors from hopping the fence and stealing your leftovers.
The 36" Viking Vent Hood is a tried and true veteran of the war against smoke and odor, and this versatile product is ideal for use as either a wall mount range hood or an outdoor grill canopy hood. Featuring a proprietary filter system that pulls grease, heat, smoke, and vapors from the air, and an integrated heat sensor that automatically cranks up the power during especially busy cooking periods, this commercially-rated exhaust hood gets Aces across the board for reliability and efficiency. The venerable Viking design is also available in 38 inch or 60 inch variations, allowing you to customize your vent hood needs to the size of your indoor or outdoor kitchen.
For a simple and more elegant solution aimed solely at outdoor patio kitchens, the 36" Grill Canopy Hood by Kitchen Aid sucks up the smoke and odors from your barbecue grill without doing the same thing to the dollars in your bank account! This unit features dual fan speed controls with auto-stop functionality, integrated halogen lights to offer assistance with evening cookouts, stainless steel construction that repels rust and weather, and a completely dishwasher-safe grease and odor trap that can be easily removed and cleaned, making it the perfect accessory for your outdoor empire.