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To Whom It May Concern: We are in hopes this email will be forwarded to the proper department as we are very happy with the service we received from our salesman, Chad, when we ordered our Lynx Grill and Side-Burner online. He jumped through hoops for us in that our experience could have been a di...

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Widen the options of using your grill by adding a griddle accessory! With a griddle attachment, you can cook everything from perfect burgers to egg dishes all on your outdoor grill! Wholesale Patio Store offers various styles of griddles that can easily attach to most grills and require little labor to maintain. We seek out only the most trusted manufacturers to supply our products so that each item in our inventory can be trusted to last and perform at its best for years to come. We also offer some griddle accessories, such as the GrillGrate kit that includes two grill grates, one tool and a user guide to accompany your new accessory.

A favorite among our customers is the Alfresco griddle. This griddle is equipped with especially deep side and an integrated grease trough that reduce messes and clean up time. This model has a flat surface and squared edges to fit well with most grills. The Griddle Q – Half Griddle by Little Griddle is another popular item that also deep (2”) edges that contain the food and a grease trough. The Griddle Q also features innovative cross bracing to ensure complete stability and is vented to distribute heat evenly over the surface of the griddle for completely thorough cooking. This model is designed specifically for a gas or charcoal grill. Browse our selection and you'll also find useful products such as Alfresco's griddle that is made specifically for sideburners and the round griddle attachments for circular grills. Whatever your needs, Wholesale Patio Store can help you to find just what you're looking for to make your outdoor dining experiences memorable every time!

*Excludes Islands, Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Fire Tables, Pizza Ovens, Saunas, and Custom-made Items