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ADA Certified Grills

Since the American Disabilities Act came into law in the summer of 1990, individuals in the construction industry including contractors and architects have had to comply with these codes set out to make locations more accessible for individuals with certain disabilities or ones restricted to wheel chairs. Continually down until now, there have been residential living properties and commercial buildings with proposed outdoor entertaining areas or kitchen projects that have specified the addition of an ADA compliant grill, but none were found available, so the plans had to change or be deleted completely. More importantly than construction rules or failed portions of certain projects is the main reason ADA finally came into law in the first place, the actual need of the person or individuals. Constantly telling people there is not an item available to fulfill their culinary aspirations or make their grilling efforts simple and more enjoyable is something that became detestable. Lynx, makers of premium outdoor living products saw this critical need and they decided to become the first company in the United States to manufacture and offer an ADA bbq grill to the public. The addition of one of these ADA gas grills will offer ones who were, or who have become disabled the opportunity to enjoy all of the wonderful cooking and grilling experiences as others do, or as he or she enjoyed before. These offer all of the premium features of the Sedona by Lynx grill line, yet they are not simply the same grill model made shorter to quickly skate by ADA rules. They have user friendly designs and intuitive additions that have allowed them to receive actual ADA certification, so you can be confident you are getting a grill that has been built with forethought, consideration and care. The cart base is designed at a reduced height and features double front pullout storage drawers. A hood assist system reduces the weight of the grill hood by 90 percent making it virtually weightless, while the hood lift handle is placed on the end of the appliance and is fully adjustable, allowing ones of different physical statures to open and close the appliance with ease. The front panel of the grill is fully insulated, ensuring it will stay cool to the touch in case your hand, wrist or arm comes into contact with it during your grilling sessions. To fuel this ADA certified grill, there is a readily accessible LP tank holder that is set at the appropriate height and it can be attached to the back of the grill or on the side.

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