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Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs prove that classic choices always stay in style. Simple, convenient, and designed to go with nearly any theme, these stylish units have been used to seat guests and family members on porches, patios, decks, and docks for a very long time. The unique look is unmistakable, and the vintage feel is only surpassed by the wide variety of colors available to fit any theme. Wholesale Patio Store, Inc. offers a wide variety of chairs to help provide the mainstays and solid choices for any outdoor setup.
A Classic Look with Modern Convenience
The All-Weather series is a popular variant that has become extremely popular for a number of reasons. These Eco-friendly units provide a very safe and reliable unit. HDPE materials are used in order to provide a safe alternative to paint and wood without the need for extensive upkeep. Resistant to elemental damage, this material requires no painting, staining, or waterproofing of any kind.
These units do not split, crack, chip, or peel, as they only resemble natural wood, but do not have the same problems. The wood is also resistant to corrosive substances, insects, fungi, UV fading, and other similar issues. Adirondack chairs are very easy to clean with normal soap and water, and the only assembly required is a minor amount of steel hardware. Made in the USA, these units have 20-year limited warranties.
A Versatile Solution for Long-Term Use
Great for homeowners who want to seat more people on their porch, deck, or patio, these are valuable accessories, but homeowners are not the only ones who can enjoy these versatile and solid units. Churches, parks, schools, and businesses can all improve their appearance or propertys use with a few Adirondack chairs.
These units are built to last, and their longevity provides a wise investment choice. Other forms of furniture lasts for a shorter period of time and is also often more expensive. These affordable and versatile choices are a smart idea for any location. Sets with tables are also available to provide an entire sitting and dining area outdoors.
Start any decorative outdoor endeavor with a classic that has retained its popularity for a reason. These reliable units are always a solid choice and can go with any design or color theme.

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