Alfresco's Exclusive Heat Delivery System

• Delivers evenly distributed extreme high heat to the cooking surface, and consists of special 18SR burners.
• 27,500 BTU's per burner.
• 18SR (Scaling and Corrosion Resistant) made from titanium and stainless steel.
• Exclusive design: Dual rows of clean-combusting, double-lanced ports on three sides, plus crossover tube in front delivering optimal flame distribution.
• Lifetime warranty.

Sear Zone Burner (Additional Cost, Replaces one Stainless Steel Burner)

• Exclusive 1500 Degree Infrared Technology.
• 27,500 BTU Infrared Burner available on all LXE grills with 100% combusting ceramic surface for intense even heat and authentic steakhouse results.
• Reaches 1500 degrees Fahrenheit in four minutes and cooks 50% faster with virtually no flare-ups.
• Special "V-Shaped" flavorizer cooking grate over Sear Zone burner captures the natural juices, fats, and flavors, then caramelizes them to the food for delectable mouthwatering flavor.

Made in the U.S.A.

Made from all commercial-grade 304, 18-8 stainless steel, all heli-arc hand welded seams with no mechanical fasteners.

Control Panel Air Cooling Curtain

A special air-cooling plenum blasts a curtain of cool air that naturally flows up between the front control panel and firebox, keeping the front panel and bullnose safely cool to the touch. This also protects all the electronics.

Refractive Ceramic 5-Way Heat Distributing Briquettes

Eliminate hot and cold spots making the grilling area 100% of the grilling surface. A special pyramid shape with a flat top and heat-holding cavity on underside evenly delivers intense heat to the cooking surface. Radiant tray locks briquettes in place. Turn tray over and fire burners on high with lid closed to self-clean.

Hidden and Integrated 120 Lb. Torque Mega Rotisserie Motor

This unique chain-driven whisper quiet system is chain driven and turns food at a smooth and consistent speed no matter how many pounds. No counter balance required. Produces hassle-free delicious rotisserie foods.

Adjustable Food Warming and Grilling Rack

The three-position adjustable warming rack stores up and out of the way when roistering. Ideal for above grilling-surface holding and cooking.

Precession Control Panel Lighting

All new LED front panel lighting projects rich amber beams of light exactly where you need them.

Newly Redesigned Controls

Stainless steel push-button ignition, lighting, and rotisserie controls are ergonomically integrated into the front control panel.

Flush Insert Rotisserie Burner

All Alfresco grills come with a flush-mounted 1500 degree rear ceramic infrared rotisserie burner.

Attractive Nickle-Plated Ergonomically-Designed Control Knobs and Bezels

The all-new grill knobs have been redesigned with precision touch in mind.

Integrated, Wood Smoker and Herb Infusion System

Dedicated 5,000 BTU stainless steel burner. Exclusive cold smoke capabilities. Drawer holds large chunks of wood, and linear defusing vents naturally eject smoke at 200 degrees to food zone.

Halogen Work Lights

Integrated high-intensity halogen work lights angle slightly toward the center for bright, even illumination. Light lens is easily removable without the use of tools for easily changing bulbs, and cleaning.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

Over briquette and "U" burner sections. Heavy-duty 3/8-inch round stainless steel rod cooking grates have a special nonstock electro-polished finish.

Heat Protected Wiring

Electrical wires are each encapsulated their full length with a 600 degree heat resistance silicone sleeve, and all electric connectors are protected with a silicone boot of same heat resistance silicone.

Hood-Assist System

Unique integrated and hidden spiral torsion system made of non-corrosive stainless steel for many years of use. Handle spins smoothly in nickel-plated end caps for optimal comfort.