Manufactured By:  Alfresco

Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus Countertop Gas Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven - AXE-PZA



  • Model #:  AXE-PZA
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  • Unit also comes in a built-in model.
  • Fireplace-like gas log absorbs and radically accelerates preheat time as it distributes heat up to the ceramic ceiling slab for intense top-down heat while the 20,000 BTU tube-log burner behind the gas log and 20,000 BTU high-heat ceramic infrared hearth burner heat the oven.
  • 3/4-inch thick high-quality ceramic slab hearth and ceiling for even intense radiating heat.
  • 304 grade 18-8 heli-arc welded stainless steel, bright interior halogen oven light, double walled removable top, door and hinges.
  • Alfresco's exclusive natural air-cooling plenum keeps control panel cool to the touch.
  • UPC:  810043023122

The Alfresco AXE-PZA 30-inch pizza oven plus for countertop mounted applications features 40,000 BTU's of radiant cooking power that integrate perfectly into any Alfresco outdoor kitchen. The Alfresco pizza oven is sure to become your favorite creative culinary tool. With over 456 square inches of cooking space this pizza oven is big enough to cook a 18-inch pizza pie. The Pizza Oven Plus preheats in 16 minutes and can reach over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit allowing you to roast, bake, iron-skillet sear, and of course, cooking perfect three minute Neapolitan pizzas.




  • Overall Width:  30"
  • Overall Height:  24"
  • Overall Depth:  30"
  • Overall Weight:  


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