Manufactured By:  Alliance Outdoor Lighting

Alliance Outdoor Lighting Photocell - PC



  • Model #:  PC
  • Swivel-mount unit with ability to turn and adjust position relative to the sun rays.
  • Includes sliding shield for adjustment of light sensitivity equipped with 1/2"-14 threaded stem, washer gasket, and locking nut.
  • Male plug connection fitting ALLIANCE transformers, allowing for fast connection and replacement of the photo control.
  • Female transformers harness is hard-wired inside every Alliance transformer.
  • Compatible with the following:
  • XF300 - 300 watt transformer
  • XF600 - 600 watt transformer
  • XF900 - 900 watt transformer
  • XF1200 - 1200 watt transformer

Alliance Outdoor Lighting Photocell - PC