Manufactured By:  American Fyre Designs

American Fyre Designs Amphora Chat Height Firetable with Artisan Glass Edition Top - 612-xx-xx-V2



  • Model #:  612-xx-xx-V2
  • Please allow a 4-6 week lead time to receive the product. Items are custom made and cannot be returned or cancelled once the order is placed
  • American Fyre Design products don't include Fire Glass or Media, to purchase Fire Media click here.
  • Constructed of GFRC which is a composite of specially formulated cement, glass fibers, aggregates, and polymers. This special blend of polymers and fibers enables GFRC to be lightweight, strong, weather resistant, fire retardant and gives an attractive look.
  • Hand crafted in the United States.
  • The Artisan Glass collection features an artist-inspired mosaic of glass pieces embedded into the concrete mold of the fire feature. Each piece of glass is hand-laid and grouted to create an intricate and unique design for each and every item. Three different variations of glass mosaics are available.
  • Holds 30 Lbs. of Fyre Glass, Gems, Nuggets; 15 Lbs. of Lava Granules; 16 Lbs. of Lava Coal.
  • Firetable features a ANSI certified match light burner ignition system. Firetable flame height is adjustable for comfortable dining experience.
  • BTU ratings: 60,000 for Natural Gas and 50,000 for Liquid Propane.
  • Firetable requires minimal installation
  • If ordered in liquid propane base is made with a removable door to easily access a propane tank.

The Amphora Firetable with Artisan Glass features a round, Grecian-style base with a wide circular top with Artisan Glass embedded into the table top, set at the perfect height for a relaxed and intimate meal or cocktail hour around the warming flames. Our firetables create the perfect ambiance for enjoying an outdoor meal or cocktail while also keeping you warm from the evening chill. Table available with either a granite inset top or a concrete top. Fuel options include natural gas or self-contained propane tank (base is made with a removable door to house and easily access a propane tank inside). Handcrafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete.



  • Overall Width:  48"
  • Overall Height:  23"
  • Overall Depth:  48"
  • Overall Weight:  450 lbs.

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