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Today more than ever, time is a coveted possession. At Aquascape, our passion is helping people transform their yards and subsequently how they spend their time. When you own a water feature you transform a house into a home. You create an escape from the stress of the world right where you live. How important is that in todays world?! We have dubbed this trend Living The Water Feature Lifestyle. The Water Feature Lifestyle is what you experience owning and living with a water feature. Its how you interact with it but even more descriptively, its how it interacts with you! When you live with a water garden, a waterfall, or even a decorative fountain scape you will be seduced outside, away from the T.V., the computer, the rat-race. People simply dont sit in their yards for hours on end watching their flowers grow. When you are feeding the fish, watching the birds splash in your waterfall or simply gazing hypnotically and listening to the beautiful sounds of a babbling brook, you are experiencing The Water Feature Lifestyle right where you home!

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