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Bar Islands

If you do not desire an expansive outdoor kitchen to prepare full meals outdoors, yet you do like to entertain guests in style, the addition of an outdoor bar island may provide the solution for your entertaining and serving plans. Whether you simply want a place for you and your friends to relax and have a drink, or you want a fully custom made outdoor entertaining bar capable of satisfying all the chilled libation demands of larger crowds, there are outdoor bars available to meet these desires. There are smaller party bars made with woven wicker or resin, wooden and metal bar islands and larger units that have a masonry finish. Custom bar islands can be finished according to your specific requests and can include an array of outdoor kitchen components from that respective manufacture, like a built in ice chest, bar center, sink, access door, or drawer storage solutions to house all of your beverage accessories. They can be finished with stucco or stone cabinet bases and can have either tile or granite tile on the counter top. Bar islands can be aesthetically pleasing when used by themselves and certain bar islands can also be made to match the similar brands lineup of outdoor kitchens or fire pits.

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