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The Big Green Egg (BGE) is a Kamado-Style Ceramic Charcoal Cooker. It uses 100 Percent Natural Lump Charcoal as its fuel. The Big Green Egg comes in a variety of different sizes ranging from Mini (179 Square Inches of Cooking Surface), MiniMax (132 Square Inches of Cooking Surface), Small (133 Square Inches of Cooking Surface), Medium (177 Square Inches of Cooking Surface), Large (262 Square Inches of Cooking Surface), XLarge (452 Square Inches of Cooking Surface) and the recently released Big Green Egg the XXLarge (672 Square Inches of Cooking Surface). The Ceramic used in the Big Green Egg Is a NASA Certified Space Aged Ceramic that is patented by Big Green Egg. Each Big Green Egg includes the Ceramic Dome and Top, Cast Iron Daisy Wheel, Ergonomic Handle, Stainless Steel Draft Door and American Made Hinges and Springs. The Big Green Egg has been labeled The Most Versatile Cooking Device Ever and for good reason, the Big Green Egg can be used as a Pizza Oven, a Grill for Searing Steak, Oven for Turkey, Salmon, Lasagna or Bread and a Smoker for Brisket, Chicken, Pork and Ribs. There is nothing you cannot do with a Big Green Egg and it is simply the last BBQ Grill you will ever buy! Big Green Egg offers a solid line up of accessories known as their EGGcessories. Some EGGcessories need to be ordered from the get go such as a Nest, Egg Mates, 100 Percent Organic Natural Lump Charcoal, Box of 24 Fire Starters, convEGGtor (Plate Setter), Pizza Stone, Premium Nest Cover and much more! Currently Big Green Eggs cannot be purchased online and they require that any customer looking to purchase a Big Green Egg go to their Dealer Locator Tool on their website and find a dealer in their Local Area and ordering it from that store. Purchasing of any Big Green Product from online resellers will void the Warranty associated with that product.

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