About Bison Coolers

Bison Coolers, formally known as Brute Outdoors, is the leading manufacturer of American made outdoor ice chest coolers. Each cooler includes a durable roto-molded construction, integrated flush mount hinges, heavy duty cantilever latch design, freezer grade insulation, and the ability to customize your lid graphic to personally fit your lifestyle. Did we also mention that it can withstand the weight of a 6,100 pound truck parked on top of it? If that's not enough to persuade you to purchase one, each Bison Cooler is able to hold and keep cold an entire bag of ice for five days in triple digit temperatures!

Proudly Made in America

Bison Coolers takes pride in good, old fashioned American craftsmanship. Blood, sweat, and tears built this fine country and they’ve invested theirs into designing and constructing the finest coolers on American soil in order to become one of the most top rated ice chests coolers on the market today. Thank you for supporting their top rated outdoor coolers made in USA.

Bison Coolers vs. Yeti Coolers

With so many options to choose from when looking to purchase an outdoor ice cooler, it’s nice to know exactly what product is the best. If we compare the Bison Cooler to its main competitor, the Yeti Cooler, we come across several differences. First off, Bison Coolers are handmade in the USA while the Yeti Cooler is made somewhere in the Philippines. When comparing the interior space of a 50 quart model from both manufacturers, you’ll quickly realize that the Bison Cooler is actually 50 quarts whereas the Yeti 50 quart model only hold 45 quarts. Sure, the additional 5 quarts may not seem like much but that’s enough space for 10 additional pints of beer, 20 cups of soda or one a half gallons of milk. Lastly is the price: if you compare the price from Bison Coolers to Yeti Coolers you’ll be saving up to 15% if you purchase a Bison instead of a Yeti.

Featured Product | 50 Qt. Bison Ice Chest Cooler

The 50 quart ice chest is a perfect everyday cooler that keeps your food fresh and your drinks ice cold. Ideal as a fishing or marine cooler, the 50 quart cooler can also be used as a small game hunting cooler or a weekend camping cooler. It takes limited space on a boat making it a great boating cooler. For additional storage, check out the 75 Quart Cooler. Weighing in at only 27 1/2 pounds (empty) it is light enough to be carried by one person.

“I bought the cooler for my husband and he was thrilled! I was initially going to buy him a yeti cooler, but after reading reviews in favor of the Brute, I changed my mind. We were both very impressed with the craftsmanship of the cooler. He is now chomping at the bit to go fishing so he can show off his cooler! They’ve got a new customer for life!” – Norma Long


Bison Coolers is so confident in their coolers that they offer a five year warranty from the date of purchase, which protects you from manufacture defects. You’ve seen their pictures and videos and are well aware of how tough and durable these coolers are. Their warranty does not apply to damage caused by negligence, misuse, fire, accident, or normal wear and tear (including scratches, dents, chips and discoloration due to usage or sunlight). Bison Coolers, LLC is not responsible for consequential, special, or incidental damages arising out of a claim or due to the use of our cooler. If you need to file a warranty claim, please fill out this form.

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