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Brazos Walking Sticks Iron Bamboo Walking Stick - IBB


Unlike sterile, lifeless metal canes and poles, Brazos walking canes offer natural appeal because they are made from real wood. You can see the fine detail and beauty of the actual tree when you look at one. Each cane is a work of art. Plus, because they are solid wood, there are no moving parts to become unstable. Brazos Walking Sticks is family operated and located in the beautiful Brazos River Valley of Central Texas. Each walking stick is handcrafted by skilled local craftsmen.



  • Model #:  IBB
  • Iron bamboo walking stick.
  • Iron bamboo - technically "Giant Grass" and not wood, has a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio making the free form iron bamboo walking stick. Simultaneously one of the lightest and strongest walking staffs we Carry.
  • The free form iron bamboo walking stick is an easy-to-handle, reliable staff for those looking for a long term hiking aid.
  • We carefully choose a solid piece of oak, cut it to size on a table saw, router the edges, and then sand the stick down, giving it our distinctive twist.
  • Each staff is then beautifully stained in one of three colors: brown, red, and tan.
  • Each stick is then sprayed with a clear coat lacquer.
  • The result is a smooth finish that highlights the wood's intrinsic beauty.
  • The finished staff is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted walking stick that is both sturdy and attractive.
  • The staff also comes with a standard rubber ferrule for a firm, secure grip on virtually any surface.
  • Choose from four different sizes.
  • Hand made in Texas.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Free shipping.


Brazos Walking Sticks Iron Bamboo Walking Stick - IBB

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