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Built-In Charcoal Grills

If you are planning an outdoor project and you have made up your mind that a gas grill is just not for you, there are built in charcoal grills to provide you with that wonderful flavor you crave, while offering that unique look and custom finish that you are trying to achieve in your grill island or outdoor kitchen. It is true that some gas grill models offer an optional drop in charcoal tray to utilize this type of fuel when desired, but it will lack many of the key features needed to provide food results like a dedicated charcoal grill or smoker can. These features will include an adjustable height charcoal tray to dial in the desired temperature directly at the cooking surface and front, rear or side adjustable vents to properly adjust the air flow, allowing you to control the amount of heat or smoke produced by the burning embers. Many built-in charcoal grills will also offer front access doors to feed wood chunks or more charcoal to the coals while you cook. This will allow you to show off your culinary skills and extend your cooking duration without having to constantly move your food over and lift up the grill grates in the process. Other models of built in charcoal grills will offer front pullout drawers for further ease of access and usability. Due to the intense heat that built in charcoal grills can emit from the hot coals resting closer to the bottom and sides of the grill burner box, it is best to install a built in charcoal grill in a cabinet that is non combustible, or flame resistant. It is the reason why manufactures do not offer insulating grill jackets for their built in charcoal grills like you will find available on their built in gas grill models. You can use metal studs to fabricate a custom island base or an array of masonry materials to create the appropriate sized island cutout opening for a built in charcoal grill. Standard models of built in charcoal grills are available in many sizes starting from 24 inches in width all the way up to 44 inches in width. We can also custom fabricate stainless steel built in charcoal grills up to a 54 inch size without having the need for multiple dome lids.

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