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Built-In Pizza Ovens

Built in Pizza ovens are designed to be installed into a countertop in an outdoor kitchen environment. They can be used as the sole method of preparing foods for you and your guests or added in conjunction with other outdoor cooking appliances. With the varieties of foods that can be prepared inside of a pizza oven, however you decide to implement one into your next project plans is sure to provide satisfactory results. Both built in wood fired pizza ovens and built in gas pizza ovens have a dictated cutout opening size that you would create in your countertop to allow one to be installed flush with the rest of the work surface. This not only provides a comfortable working height but creates a custom and attractive installation appearance. Built in pizza ovens can be constructed with various fabrication methods and built with different types of materials. There are built in cast iron pizza ovens that have a high temp paint or powder coated finish. Many of these models have multiple cooking chambers which will increase the cooking versatility and feature a bottom firebox which assists in heating of the cooking floor. This also allows smoke to roll up into the upper chambers through the rear of the oven interior, providing an area to low and slow smoke traditional barbecue in one of the upper chambers. It also keeps the size of the pizza oven down to a more compact size, since the fire is not inside of the space required to prepare your food. There are also cast iron built in pizza ovens with stainless steel trim and cladding on the roll top cooking domes to provide more of an attractive finish. These are available in built in sizes from 24 inches in width to 38 inches in width. There are stainless steel built in pizza ovens that are welded and fabricated from heavy gauge, 304 grade non-corrosive stainless steel. This may be the preferred method, especially if it will be placed near a corrosive environment, like a pool with the chlorine or chemicals and near brackish or salt water. There are refractory cement built in ovens which feature your typical brick pizza oven on the inside but the exterior of the pizza oven has a fabricated shell of powder coated metal, providing numerous color options and finish textures. These models of countertop prefinished pizza ovens can also be found with a semi square or pyramid shaped dome option. They tend to be the heaviest of all the built in pizza ovens, so extra support will be required underneath the countertop for them to be properly installed.

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