Bull BBQ Color and Finish Options

The Possibilities are Endless

Have you picked out the perfect Bull BBQ Island for your outdoor kitchen space? Already picked out which access doors you want, which fridge you want, and whether or not to add an umbrella and sound system? It's time to decide on the finishing touch that will bring everything together: color and finish. Thankfully Bull has a huge range of base and counter top options available to choose from including different surfaces and colors.

Bull BBQ Rock Base Finishes

Rock Base Finishes

Perfect for a more rustic style outdoor kitchen, these stone surfaces for the base of your Bull BBQ Island give the feeling of smooth desert rocks or the stone bed of an alpine stream glistening in the sun.

Bull BBQ Stucco Base Finishes

Stucco Base Finishes

These stucco surfaces for the base of your Bull BBQ Island can easily match your own home's stucco exterior. The even color gives a more modern feel than the rock or stucco rock surfaces.

Bull BBQ Stucco Rock Base Finishes

Stucco Rock Base Finishes

Like the regular Stucco surfaces above, this surface has a much smoother sillhouette than the more natural rock surface. Additionally, this surface is made up of multiple colors mixed together to acheive a more natural look similar to sand on the beach or next to a stream.

Bull BBQ Granite Tile Counter Tops

Granite Tile Counter Tops 13" × 13"

These smooth granite tiles make for easier cleanup and an elegant finished look that will make your Bull BBQ Island a real talking point. With a little love, these shimmering polished surfaces will last for years and years to come.

Bull BBQ Ceramic Tile Counter Tops

Ceramic Tile Counter Tops 13" × 13"

These ceramic tiles make for a much more affordable Bull BBQ Island. With 16 different styles to choose from, there are so many options that it may be difficult to make a choice! These tiles have a natural look, but are also glazed and polished smooth for easier cleanup and a more elegant look.