Manufactured By:  Charcoal Companion

Charcoal Companion Non-Stick Marshmallow Twig Skewer - CC5130



  • Model #:  CC5130
  • Non-stick marshmallow twig skewer can hold up to 10 standard size marshmallows.
  • Stick features a non-stick coated finish which allows for ease of cleaning.
  • Redwood handles is easy to grasp.
  • Tool hook at the end of the unit allows you to hang basting brush on grill cart side shelf.

Charcoal Companion's Non-Stick Marshmallow Twig Skewer makes it easy to roast marshmallows in a matter of seconds. No more hunting in the woods to find the perfect marshmallow roasting stick anymore. This beautiful, rustic marshmallow skewer is designed to hold 5 to 10 marshmallows at once, and is non-stick and easy to clean.



  • Overall Width:  5 1/2"
  • Overall Height:  1"
  • Overall Depth:  23 3/4"
  • Overall Weight:  7 ounces