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Chicago Brick Ovens are authentic wood-fired brick ovens that offer amazing wood-fired flavor and a large capacity oven for versatile cooking. All Chicago Brick Ovens are handmade in the United States using the finest quality materials. Chicago Wood-Fired Ovens come in three different sizes, the 500, 750 and 1,000 series. The CBO 500 series has a 29 inch by 23 inch cooking surface, this is 667 square inches of cooking surface. The CBO 750 series has a 41 inch by 28 inch cooking surface, this is 1,148 square inches of cooking surface. The CBO 1000 series has a 52 inch by 31 inch cooking surface, this is 1,600 square inches of cooking surface. All three ovens can cook several pizzas (among other foods) at the same time, Chicago Brick Ovens aren’t just “Pizza Ovens” they’re “Wood-Fired Ovens”, and they can do much more. One of the reasons customers enjoy their Chicago Brick Oven is because of its cooking versatility. For example, you can start off by cooking appetizers (roasted garlic, jalapeno poppers, and bacon wrapped shrimp) and then move on to the main course (wood-fired pizza, butterflied chicken breast, and New York steaks) and then as the fire burns out and the temperature of the oven lowers, you can start your deserts (fresh baked cookies, apple cobbles and even cake). With most wood-fired pizza ovens it will take some time for the fire in the oven to get hot enough for cooking. The Chicago Brick Oven works best when you start with a small fire and slowly add fuel to it. You can gauge the temperature at around 700 degrees when the inner walls of the oven will turn from black to a whitish gray. This is the optimum cooking temperature for most types of cooking. Plan on allowing for an hour or so of time for the CBO oven to reach this temperature state. The last thing that should be considered after purchasing a Chicago Brick Oven is a process called “curing”. This is a process that allows your wood-fired CBO oven to cook toughly and efficiently. How you cure your new Chicago Brick Oven is easy, simply burn through an entire 20 pound bag of charcoal in the center of the oven, with the door shut. This process can take up to an entire day. It should be stated that you should not cook on your Chicago Brick Oven until you have effectively cured it.

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