Manufactured By:  Coleman

Coleman Inflate-All 12V Air Compressor



  • Model #:  2000019228
  • Inflates Virtually Anything
  • Inflates Standard Tire to 30 PSI in 6 Minutes
  • Auto-Shutoff Stops the Pump Once a Selected Pressure is Reached
  • Digital Pressure Display
  • Built-In Spotlight
  • Includes Adaptors for Airbeds, Bike Tires, Car Tires, Sports Balls and More
  • Storage Compartment for Adaptors, Cords and Hoses
  • Power Source: 12V DC - Power From a Vehicle, ATV or Boat Outlet
  • Power Cord Length: 11 Ft. 6 In.
  • PSI: 140 PSI
  • Recommended Use: Car Tires, Motorcycle Tires, ATV Tires, Bike Tires and Sports Balls
  • Can Be Used With: Single High Airbed, Double High Airbed, Lake Floats, Towables, Uncovered Boats, and Covered Boats