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Control Systems

Make your fireplace turn on and off easier so you can relax even more with our control systems. Make using your fire feature completely effortless by installing an electric switch, allowing you to turn the flames on and off instantly. You do not need to deal with the hassle of using matches or a lighter, with our great options, you can get the parts you need to upgrade your system with ease!

Browse our great selection of options and find the perfect match for your needs. We have standard manual on/off valves that are quick and easy to install, as well as safety pilot kits, variable remote systems, and more. Whether you are looking for a standing or non-standing pilot, we have the perfect control systems to suit you. Get the power you desire over your fire feature and make your relaxation time as smooth as possible in no time!

Our control system kits come with everything you need to install your new feature with ease. From the safety pilot to the remote control, you will have every part necessary in one great package. This ensures that installing your system will be as quick and easy as possible. With quality, durable construction, our systems will perform for years, enabling you to get the maximum enjoyment out of your fire feature.

Let us help you create the perfect decor for your home. We are proud to offer the highest quality control systems and other parts necessary to give your home a powerful fire feature. With our great selection, you can find the best look for your home and will be enjoying a cozy flame in no time. If you have questions or need help with your order, feel free to contact our support, we are always happy to assist you in creating your dream home!

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