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Countertop Grills

Countertop grills are designed a little differently than traditional built in barbecue grills. The majority of built in grills today feature gas control knobs on the front panel of the burner box requiring a specific cutout height in the front wall or cabinet base. Countertop drop in grills are designed to simply drop into a specific sized hole in the counter top. They feature a self supporting stainless steel frame that doubles as the finish trim piece, concealing the cut edges of the counter top material. The gas valve control knobs are therefore on top of the countertop, instead of the front panel as on a built in grill. This drop in style was among the first type of built in gas grill available and it became very popular from 1980 to early 1990. Due to the amount of similar sized units sold during this time frame, there are still applications in existence today that can accept these newer models as a replacement. Whether you are looking to replace an older model, or you prefer the look that counter top grills provide, there are many different sized units available to accommodate your particular outdoor entertaining and grilling needs.

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