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Deep Fryers

When it comes to deep frying, its all about achieving and maintaining the proper temperature. If the oil stays at the correct temperature, little to no oil is actually absorbed into the food being cooked. If the food is removed from the fryer at the correct time and not allowed to sit in the oil for an unneeded period, even less oil is absorbed, furthering the quality of the crunch on the exterior. Poor fryer performance and a lack of experience cooking in this method is why most people relate fried foods to an excessively greasy meal. While it may not be the best way to cook everything you eat, when performed properly, you will experience deliciously prepared food, fried to crispy perfection. A dedicated fryer will usually consist of a container that holds the oil, a burner system to heat the oil powered by electricity or fueled by gas, a basket to insert and retrieve the foods and a thermometer to properly monitor the oil temperature. Some models of fryers feature grease valves to easily and quickly drain the grease from the fryer container, a protective lid, and even multiple basket arrangements. There are many different sizes of deep fryers and a variety of methods in which these can be utilized. There are freestanding fryers that you can place outside and use at your convenience or you can plan an outdoor kitchen around a built in deep fryer. There are also deep fryer attachments for certain models of gas bbq grills, which can be added and removed accordingly. These will rely on the existing grills burner system to get the oil to temperature and may not feature a built in thermometer housing, so an accessory thermometer will be required. There are 2.5 gallon fryers for smaller cooking demands, 4 gallon fryers for frequent use and 9 gallon fryers for constant large events or catering.

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