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Direct Vent Systems

For the ultimate in fire feature technology, check out our direct vent fireplace systems. These options give you great flexibility in the type of fire you wish to use, allowing you to place your fire feature just about anywhere in your home. This means there is no reason to delay in designing your ideal decor, our selection of kits can make it easy to install a beautiful fireplace in your home in no time. Get started on your next project and you will be enjoying beautiful flames and relaxing warmth before you know it!

Direct vent fireplace systems have many advantages over traditional vented and vent free systems. They are constructed with a vent built into the walls to help evacuate fumes and exhaust outside your home, but also have a channel to draw in air from outside to fuel the fire. This provides your home with many benefits. First, because they are built into a wall and do not need a chimney or flue, they can be placed just about anywhere you want, helping you get the look and design you want. Also, they are safer and cleaner than many traditional options, making them great choices for taking your mind off the fireplace. Best of all, they are more efficient than other models, providing more heat than ever to your home, making them perfect for the colder seasons!

Check out our great selection of direct vent fireplace systems and get a kit that will help you install your new fireplace quickly and easily. From the mesh barrier screen and ignition system to the grate and embers, you will have a system that is ready to install in minutes. Not only will finding everything in one package help you save money, but it will also make the process quick and easy, so you can spend less time stressing about your construction and more time relaxing. Simply find the firebox liner, logs, and surround that will get you the look you desire and you are finished!

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