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Double Access Doors

Like single access doors, double access doors are designed to be used to gain access into a specific location in an outdoor kitchen cabinet. They consist of a door panel on a frame that can be mounted to any substrate. While double doors may be predominantly used underneath a barbecue grill to gain access to the electrical or gas shutoffs or underneath a sink to gain access to the plumbing, they can be used in a variety of locations where you would want to gain access or store items inside the cabinet system. Double access doors can be found from 26 inches in width all the way up to 48 inches in width. The specific width and height of a double door is usually unique to itself, so cutout dimensions will vary depending on the model selected. The handle style and finish of the metal can vary as well. When choosing a double door along with other storage items installed in an outdoor kitchen project, it is best to select these from the same manufacturers lineup of products. This will ensure all of the storage solutions will match one another. Double access doors are available in numerous grades and gauges of metals including stainless steel and cast-iron. Custom double doors can be made as well to fit an existing cutout.

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