Manufactured By:  EVO

Evo Affinity Classic 30G Built-In Flattop Natural Gas Grill - 10-0055-NG



  • Model #:  10-0055-NG
  • Unit is also available in Liquid Propane
  • The Evo Affinity 30G has a 30-inch diameter black oil-seasoned steel (optional ceramic-clad cook surface available) heated underneath by inner and outer gas tube burners.
  • Evo's technology allows independent heat adjustment across inner and outer cook surface zones for managing a wide range of menu possibilities. Heat is delivered to each burner via separate inner and outer control knobs.
  • Edge-to-edge even surface temperatures range from 225 F to 550 F (121 C to 288 C) from the center to the outside edge without the hot spots and temperature problems prone to traditional square griddles.
  • The burner system has a push button electronic ignition system which ignites both burners simultaneously.
  • A stainless steel drip pan completely surrounds the underside of the cook surface catching all food debris. Separate spill over trays that contain and hold drip pan debris are concealed in front doors at right and left side of the control panel.
  • Operating on Natural Gas, the Affinity 30G Cooktop is an ideal solution for creating a social cooking space with any outdoor kitchen.
  • Natural Gas model includes - Natural Gas Quick-Disconnect standard USA fitting with a eight(8) foot hose.

The top-selling Evo flattop gas grill is their Affinity Classic 30G built-in flattop natural gas grill, 10-0055-NG. This griddle style gas grill only available in a built-in application is the Corner Stone for all Evo Products. Some of its features include Dual Gas Burners independently-controlled and putting out over 40,000 BTUs, 650 square inches of overall cooking surface, variable temperature from 225 degrees to 700, stainless steel drip pan surrounds cook surface to contain spillovers and an optional trim kit to allow for building into an outdoor kitchen. The Evo 10-0055-NG is the first social grill and will allow you to grill, sear, stir fry, steam, smoke, toast, bake and even roast.



  • Overall Width:  36 5/32"
  • Overall Height:  11 3/8"
  • Overall Depth:  36 5/32"
  • Overall Weight:  163 Lbs.

Evo Affinity Classic 30G Built-In Flattop Natural Gas Grill - 10-0055-NG

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