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Electric grills provide the ability to grill all of your favorite foods indoors, on the private balcony, or in your backyard without the risk of an open flame that can potentially cause a fire or relying on connected fuel lines from an explosive gas supply. All gas cooking appliances emit levels of Carbon Monoxide gas, which is why they are not allowed to be used indoors without proper ventilation. An electric bbq grill will take the worry out of the matter and in certain locations it may be required to use one or be more affordable to use electricity to power the appliance. An electric barbecue grill provides precise heat control by adjusting the flow of electricity with the use of a dial or switch, to a heating element placed underneath the cooking grate surface. There are lower rated electric grills starting at 1500 watts that can be plugged into any existing outlet all the way to models requiring a dedicated 220 volt 40 amp circuit. Features on all these models will vary but most offer an integrated timer, hood thermometer and can achieve temperatures in excess of 700 degrees within a few minutes. There are many different types of electric grills to implement into your home or place of business including, freestanding electric grills with enclosed carts that have wheels, electric grills with pedestal bases that permanently mount, built in electric grills for your outdoor kitchen or indoor kitchen project and tabletop electric grills for temporary use on the balcony or permanent use indoors. Many residential living complexes that have more than 2 vertical living units and the majority, if not all, luxury high rise buildings do not allow an open flame grill whether it is fueled by charcoal or a refillable propane tank on an enclosed patio or balcony. Properties along certain main waterways, bay inlets or ocean fronts may not use charcoal or gas grills and commercial marinas are barred from having an open flame grill of any type. The enforcement against or the allowance of having an open flame grill at a residence will vary according to city ordinance, county fire code and a living complex or home owner associations particular set of rules or guidelines.

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