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Fire Columns

If you are a lover of fire features, but want something more decorative and able to accent the theme of your patio, check out our fire columns and fire bowls. These items make a great addition to any home, providing excellent style to your decor, even without the flames. Once ignited, you will enjoy great lighting and warmth anywhere you want it. We have the largest selection of options, so you are certain to find the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

We have a great variety of fire columns that will make a great accent to any theme. Choose from various sizes, including traditional columns that will make great lamp posts for your yard or smaller table top columns that can be placed on top of other features. With every size in between, you can get the best fit for your space. Our gas fire features have electronic ignition and hidden control panels, so they will always look great while being easy to use. Installation is quick and easy, so you can finish the project sooner!

We also carry a great variety of fire bowls for people looking for a more decorative option. Able to be placed just about anywhere, these options are a great way to show off the flames where you want them. From urns that can be placed around walkways to smaller bowls that can be placed atop pedestals or on tables, There is no reason you cannot enjoy a beautiful fire anywhere you like, our great fire features make it easy to add a great system without hassle.

Let us help you find the perfect fire feature for your home. We have years of experience in helping people design the ideal relaxation space for them. With our great selection of fire bowls and fire columns, you can finish the decor of your patio with an elegant touch and the beautiful fire you want.

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