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Fire Glass

Created from very small pieces of tempered glass, fire glass has become a hugely popular finish for many fire features around the world. For the past decade, it has been used to cover fireplace and fire pits with an elegant, beautiful design that is fully customizable to your taste. A variety of shapes and colors can be used to match your decor and provide you with a great base for your flames to dance upon.

Exposed gas lines and other equipment can look very unappealing and take away from the natural feel of your fire feature. Covering up the system is a common practice and the products people use to accomplish this task vary greatly. Fire glass has a variety of benefits over other choices. Because they are individually small, they create many different pathways for air to flow through, helping maintain a more natural looking flame. It is also among the most durable options for fire media, ensuring you will not have to worry about replacing it for a lifetime. Because glass is so flexible, you will find dozens of styles and designs, giving you the power to fully customize the look of your fire feature with ease.

Choose from among many fire glass options with our great selection. We have common gemstone looks, including crystal, amber, black pearl, amethyst, and zircon, as well as various colors of both smooth and rugged glass shapes, from blues and greens to reds and blacks. There are also many shapes to choose from, including beads, jewels and gems, and traditional glass crystals. Many products have a sleek finish, allowing them to reflect light so that they shine and sparkle, amplifying the beauty of your fire feature.

Find the perfect fire glass for your home when you check out our great selection today! We can help you finish your project quickly and easily, so you can get back to relaxing in style and comfort sooner. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so feel free to contact us if you have questions or need help with your order, we are always ready and waiting!

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