Manufactured By:  Fire Magic

Fire Magic Gourmet Grilling Cookbook



  • Model #:  3595
  • 84 Pages of gourmet grilling recipes for your Fire Magic grill.
  • This cookbook will give you all the basic tips of cooking on your Fire Magic gas grill. From items that you should keep close to cleaning your barbecue, the Fire Magic Cookbook makes the novice griller feel like a pro.
  • The recipes that are in the Fire Magic Cookbook include dishes such as Roast Peppers and Chicken, Grilled Rack of Lamb and Sake-Grilled Peaches.
  • The cookbook is divided into five chapters. Getting Started, Salad and Snacks, Main Meats, Side Dishes and Sweets.
  • Each recipe in the Fire Magic Cookbook will tell you Prep Time, Marinating Time, Cook Time and How much the calling recipe will serve for putting you well in charge before the food even this the grill.
  • This cookbook is a must have item for any Fire Magic grill purchase.
  • Written by Chef Steven Fohl.

Gourmet Grilling Fire Magic Cookbook - 3595