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Food Warmers

Food warmers have been in the commercial industry and catering business for many years. A few manufacturers of outdoor living equipment felt the need to create these for the outdoor kitchen industry. While the demand for these built in food warmers is low, there are times when they can be a great addition. If you plan to entertain often or are planning on a large outdoor kitchen, one of these can be implemented into the serving area of the kitchen. Having the ability to keep multiple types of side dishes warm simultaneously can be a great convenience to frequent gatherings or large events. Food warmers do not require electricity or gas they are heated by a sterno, or can of jellied alcohol. The fuel acts like a candle to heat the underside of the pans, keeping the dishes warm. Most food warmers actually feature a twin pan design with an upper pan for the prepared dish and a lower pan designed to hold a little water. The water heats up and creates steam, keeping the food warm in the pan above it. Food warmers will usually feature a pullout drawer on the front of the warmer to quickly remove or replace the canned fuel.

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