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GFRC DIY Island Cabinets

These island cabinets are lightweight GFRC, which stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. They are an excellent alternative to solid block or other similar, heavy masonry construction methods. They are hollow block sections that provide an instant, ready to finish surface. They do not require any excessive footings or rebar, so overall material costs are also drastically reduced. Having labor times drastically reduced creates an excellent alternative for both DIY homeowners and building contractors. All you have to do is assemble them next to one another and attach with the included fasteners. Any size, shape or configuration of outdoor kitchen or entertaining bar can be achieved using these concrete cabinet pieces. Also, any cutout opening requirement for outdoor kitchen appliances and storage solutions can quickly be cut into these block sections on site. What would normally take weeks of grueling, labor intensive construction can now be achieved in the fraction of the time. There are standard height kitchen base cabinets available in numerous dimensional lengths, as well as different angle degrees of inner and outer corner cabinets. There are also bar height cabinets, corner backsplashes and straight runs of backsplashes that can attach to all the base cabinets. There are also curved seating walls, straight seating walls and sections of upright columns available. With GFRC island cabinets, you can create an attractive and functional outdoor living and entertaining space.

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