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Gas-Charcoal Combo Grills

Perhaps you cant decide if you want to cook on a charcoal grill every now and then or a gas grill on a regular basis? Maybe you actually prefer a certain type of grill while others in your home prefer another? Whether you are looking for flexibility based on your restricted outdoor kitchen space or a cooking appliance that will provide you with the needed versatility for the different palates you intend to satisfy, with a gas-charcoal combo grill you can literally have your steak and eat it too, just the way you like it prepared. Dual fuel grills are actually two separate types of cooking appliances integrated into one grill head, one side dedicated for gas and one side dedicated for charcoal usage. Since they are two independent 24-25 inch appliances, these dual fuel barbecue grills tend to be around 48-50 inches in total width, offering ample space to put your grilling endeavors or cooking experiments to the test. Having a separate unit available for the specific task it was designed, engineered and built for, will ensure satisfaction and offer the cooking results that you would expect from an independent appliance. The gas side of the hybrid grill will provide a more readily available cooking surface, offering convenience to the user and prepared foods to you and your guests at a more rapid pace. The charcoal side of the combo fuel grill can also achieve similar results, but it usually takes more time to get the charcoal or wood chunks up to high temperatures. At lower temperatures you can provide smoked dishes, which can be more succulent, depending on what is being prepared. Most models of hybrid fuel grills offer additional features or accessories like dedicated halogen interior lighting and an integrated rotisserie system on the gas side. Regardless of what type of meal you plan to cook, there is a gascharcoal grill available to prepare it in a way that can make everyone happy.

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