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Gas Log Remotes and Switches

Add the ultimate functionality to your home decor with our powerful gas log remote controls. These options pair with electric systems to help turn your fireplace on and off, enabling you to enjoy beautiful flames and relaxing warmth at the flip of a switch, without the hassle of igniting the flames manually. Stop stressing out over matches and lighters and start enjoying your fireplace more with the comfort of a wireless remote control!

We have everything you need to install an effective gas log remote control that will suit your needs best. Choose from a variety of options and get the power you desire in no time. At the most basic, wireless transmitters allow for an on/off button for remote controls, giving you quick and simple access to your fireplace at any time. For increased functionality, order a model with variable flame height control that will let you change the size of your fire instantly. If you do not wish to worry about a remote, we have options that will let you connect your system to a wall switch, giving you quick and easy access to turning your fireplace on and off.

For improved safety for your home and family, check out our wall switch with an added timer. This is a great option for additional utility over other gas log remote controls, allowing you to control how long your flames burn. Flames will automatically turn off after your specified elapsed time, allowing you to take your mind off the fireplace and relax even more. The perfect option for those of us who love to take a long, relaxing nap by the fire!

We have a great selection of options to help connect your fireplace directly to your home. Get the control you desire over your flames with our quality products. We are dedicated to providing the highest degree of customer satisfaction and are always ready to help you if you have questions or need help with your order. Contact our expert support team and get started on your next project today!

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