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Gas Timers and Boxes

Provide the ultimate safety mechanism to your grill with our quality gas timers and boxes. We have a variety of options to suit your needs, giving you better control over your gas line so that you can prevent unnecessary waste and dangerous build up. Check out our selection and find the perfect match for your home! Installation and setup are quick and easy, so you can complete your project and get back to relaxing with ease.

We have every part you need to create a great system, from the valve to the automatic timer box. Find the best gas timers and boxes on the market and get the job done today! Stainless steel construction ensures that these features will remain durable and perform for years, lasting through the lifespan of your barbecue. High heat resistance ensures it will continue to perform regardless of the intensity of your grilling, so you can rely on your timer and take your mind off the gas.

We have options that give you the flexibility to program any timer up to three hours with the simple turn of a dial. Once the dial completes its cycle, the valve shuts off access to the gas supply. This enables you to control how much gas you use, preventing unnecessary waste and overuse. In addition, it is a powerful safety feature that should not be overlooked. With our quality gas timers and boxes, you can take your mind off the fuel and keep your attention on the delicious meal you are preparing!

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