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Grill Covers

Barbecue grill covers provide a protective barrier between your invested item and the potentially damaging effects of an outdoor environment. They also help keep the appliance clean, reducing exterior cleaning intervals. All of this helps to reduce wear and tear, furthering the lifespan of the appliance. Grill covers can be found in all sorts of sizes and made from a variety of fabric materials. There are vinyl covers, heavy duty vinyl covers and even higher quality covers that are built with premium fabrics. Some models of grill covers feature interior felt liners to protect the appliance from scratches that can occur from trapped dust or sand. There are built in grill covers for outdoor kitchen barbecue grills and freestanding grill covers for portable gas grills or charcoal grills. There are also round covers for kamado grills and kettle smokers. The majority of grill covers are molded to fit the actual appliance that they will be covering. The shape of the grill dome and any particular side shelves are taken into account during the fabrication process. This helps to ensure a proper fit, reducing the likelihood of the cover blowing off in the wind. Universal grill covers are oversized in a general manner and are not the best way to cover a barbecue grill. If your particular brand of appliance does not have a cover available, consider a custom grill cover. These can be made to fit any appliance, have different color options and even be embroidered with a logo of your choosing.

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