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Grill Finishing Frames

Grill finishing frames are designed to act as a trim kit for built in barbecue grill applications. At times, cut ends of tile, granite, stucco or wood can offer an unsightly appearance to a finished BBQ island or outdoor kitchen. By adding a grill finish frame to the cutout opening, any imperfections in the exposed cut ends of the building materials will be concealed underneath the trim panel, creating a beautiful and professional installation appearance. There are grill trim kits that wrap around the opening where the control panel of the barbecue grill and the cabinet base intersect and there are BBQ grill trim kits that are a fully welded frame that provide a trim piece for both the base cabinet and counter top materials. When a grill finish frame is available for a particular model of grill, it will be constructed from the same stainless steel material as the grill itself. This ensures that both the color and brush finish of the metals installed next to one another will match. Whether you want to make the front wall of your island have a more attractive appearance or conceal cuts on your countertop opening, a grill finish frame will help you achieve satisfactory installation results.

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