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Insulated Grill Jackets

Insulating grill jackets allow certain models of barbecue grills to be installed in a combustible cabinet system. The heat that barbecue grills produce can be intense, causing certain materials like wood, plastic or resin to combust, causing disastrous results. For example, iIf someone wants to frame an outdoor kitchen cabinet themselves with wood studs to save money, by adding an insulated grill jacket, they wont have to worry about it catching on fire if left unattended. If custom wood or polymer resin cabinets are going to be used to achieve a look similar to an indoor kitchen, there will also be no need to worry about combustion or damage. Seagoing vessels can also benefit from a grill jacket. Those usually feature lightweight cabinets made from fiberglass, which is very combustible. Adding an insulating jacket will allow you to safely install a grill in an outdoor kitchen or marine going vessel. Insulating jackets are fabricated from stainless steel and have a small dead air space between an inner and outer panel. They provide the needed protection barrier between the burner box on the grill and the combustible cabinet system. A grill jacket can be comprised of separate panels that get pieced together or be a fully welded, built in enclosure. Once either of these designs is installed, the particular BBQ grill simply slides into the jacket. Therefore, if planning to install a built in grill with an optional jacket, you would refer to the insulating grill jackets larger cutout specification, not the cutout for the BBQ grill.

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