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Kamado Carts

If you do not plan on building an outdoor kitchen to house your ceramic grill head, you may require a freestanding support base of some type. Kamado cradles and carts can be found in a variety of styles and made to fit different models of ceramic grill heads. They are a great mobile solution for your backyard grilling demands and provide an increased working height, offering an ease of operation to the user. There are lightweight cradles made from powder coated steel with wheels. These will secure your kamado grill in an affordable fashion, while offering the portability you are looking for on your patio or deck. There are larger, more stable metal and wooden tables with an opening prepared for your grill. These will provide a larger working surface on either side of your installed kamado. Fully enclosed, weatherproof stainless steel and powder coated rolling carts can be found that feature a variety of amenities including double access doors, pullout storage drawers, folding side shelves and very heavy duty castor wheels. These can be found in numerous sizes and can be custom made to your specifications and storage solution desires.

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