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Kamado Grills

The Kamado has a rich history, and traces of it can be traced back to ancient China in the Qin Dynasty, around 221 to 207 BC. They used a simple clay dome over a wood fire to create an oven, and found that it retained heat and performed very well for a variety of cooking duties. It was further influenced by the Japanese, who added drafting doors and a slotted cooking grate, creating a grilling surface. During World War 2, American soldiers got the chance to experience meals prepared with this ceramic cooker, and that's when things progressed even further. The Kamado grill, as most know it today, started to spring to life. NASA saw the beneficial properties of the ceramic materials being used and furthered this scientific process, creating high-quality ceramics. This initially helped advance space exploration in the form of shuttle tiles, and also provided a ceramic recipe for an extremely durable, high-quality ceramic grill. Kamado grills are therefore very well insulated cooking appliances and, with proper adjustments of the lower and upper air control vents, you can maintain a wide variety of internal temperatures. Keep the temperature around 150 degrees for low and slow smoking, or turn it all the way up to temperatures exceeding 600 degrees, which will get you a restaurant quality sear to your steaks or let you bake an authentic Neapolitan style pizza. You can experience a number of different types of cooking in a Kamado grill. You can grill, bake, sear, smoke, braise and steam, all under the same cooking dome. No wonder the Japanese gave it the name Kamado, which has three different translations in English oven, stove and kitchen. Kamado grills are always fueled by charcoal, and an all-natural lump charcoal is the best option. You would never use lighter fluids or any self-starting charcoal that has a toxic odor that can penetrate into the ceramics. The use of a charcoal chimney, wax starter, blow torch or charcoal lighter is strongly recommended.

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