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Knock Down BBQ Islands

Knock down BBQ islands are a completely finished island that ship flat on a pallet, in the form of an assembly kit. They make installation of a luxurious outdoor kitchen or BBQ Island very easy. By having the floor, walls and countertop separate from one another, they are easier to manage through narrow passage ways, are lighter to carry and offer installation results with limited individuals. Two people can easily assemble one of these islands together in a fast and efficient manner. We have found on smaller sized models that even a single person can handle the majority of the installation, only requiring assistance for the countertop placement and grill installation. To install one of these knock down BBQ Islands, simply place the floor panel at the desired location, fasten the wall sections together with the supplied mounting hardware, and set the prefinished counter top piece in place over the assembled cabinet. With the particular cutouts already made at the factory, your island is ready to accept all of the outdoor kitchen appliances and storage solutions you have selected to be included. There are a variety of sizes of BBQ Island kits to choose from. There are also different types of materials they can be constructed with, including steel stud framing lined with cement board. These will accept whatever color of stucco finish you have selected. The GFRC models of outdoor kitchen kits, which stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete are thicker and have a greater weight than the latter. A few more individuals and a few furniture dollies will make installation much smoother. Either way you choose, you can be entertaining and cooking up meals in the fraction of the time of an island constructed on site.

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