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Lava Rock

Finish your fire pit with a great look that will complement the look of your decor when you use our high-quality lava rocks. These are a common choice for fire media, providing protection and cover to your system while also improving the aesthetic of the burner, making it look more natural with ease. Browse our large selection of options and find the style that is best for your home, so you can finish the project and get back to enjoying the flames!

Lava rocks are a popular choice for a variety of reasons. They are easy to use, due to their small size. They naturally create channels for air and gas to flow through, helping disperse the flames and give them a more natural look. Also, they do not need to be set up precisely to perform at their best. Rock also absorbs heat less than other options, making it safe to use in virtually any environment and with any system. It is also very affordable while providing you with a large variety of colors and styles, so you can always get the perfect look for your pit. Altogether, this makes lava rock an easy choice for just about any fire pit.

Check out our large selection of options and find the best look for your home. We have traditional black rock and granules, perfect for capturing that natural fire look. We also have red, brown, grey, and multi-color options to complement the look of your decor. Find the right style so that you can enjoy your fire pit to the fullest!

We are proud to offer the best selection of fire pit products so that you can get the decor of your dreams. Let us help you find the best match for your home, so you can spend less time stressing out over your design and more time relaxing. From the burner pan to the lava rocks, our high-quality products will help make the project quick and easy!

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