Ultimate Outdoor Cooking

Great Built-In and Freestanding Gas Grills aren't the only amazing products that Lynx has to offer. With their collection of wonderful accessories, you're sure to have every single thing that you might possibly need for your outdoor living space.

Lynx Sideburners

Lynx’s Sideburners come in both built-in and cart-mounted varieties to better fit into any outdoor kitchen layout. Some of the sideburner models include a maple cutting board prep center and a utensil drawer to make prep even easier. Some even come with Lynx’s innovative ProSear infrared burners for even more cooking freedom.

Lynx Warming Drawers

Once you have finished cooking a food but aren’t done cooking the whole meal, where do you put it? On the counter covered in foil? Inside the house away from bugs? Wherever you can hide it? Why settle for whatever space is open when you can place it in a Lynx warming drawer to keep it away from bugs, keep it warm, and keep it away from your son who will taste it so many times you may have none left by the time everything is ready. Lynx’s warming drawers are available as stand-alone built-in units or as an integrated unit with a large utility drawer and plenty of space for a liquid propane tank.

Vinyl Grill and Accessory Covers

Finished grilling for the evening? Keep your Lynx gas grill or accessory safe from scratches, dirt, and harsh weather with a custom tailored fit, extra-durable textured vinyl cover. Every one of Lynx's outdoor products, whether they are freestanding or counter-mounted, has a matching cover available for purchase. Everything from your grill and sideburner to your outdoor gas heater and beverage dispenser top.

The thick felt lining on these covers ensures that no harm will be done to that beautiful smooth stainless steel finish. The rear vent helps to let out any moisture that may accumulate to help prevent any chance of rust or hard water spotting.

The covers for built in units comes with convenient nylon loops to make securing the cover easier than ever. Covers for freestanding units come with a front zipper to easily seal out everything while maintaining access to the doors on the unit's cart.

Access Doors and Drawers

Access Doors and Drawers add another level of convenience to your outdoor kitchen. The frame mounted access doors make storage easier be giving you a convenient space just below your grill or at any other place in your outdoor kitchen. The drawers come in two different depths so you can utilize the deep double drawer to fit large items or the shallow single drawer to maintain organization. Additionally, these drawers can be stacked and sorted for the most convenient space possible. Also available as a drawer is Lynx’s various trash centers. No need to worry about your unsightly trash can getting in the way. The Lynx Storage Combos include both doors and drawers. Lynx has a number of storage options for any size outdoor kitchen.