Lynx Refrigeration and Refreshment


This heavy-duty weather resistant unit is the perfect complement to any Lynx outdoor kitchen. With 5.5 cubic feet of capacity to keep a variety of food and beverages chilled until they’re ready to be served, the Lynx Outdoor Refrigerator will save you a lot of trips in and out of the house during prime grilling season.

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Lynx l500 fridge
Lynx L24BF Fridge

More Options

Looking to entertain? The 24" Refrigerator w/Keg option easily converts to a beverage dispenser when you add the beverage kit. Choose from the single tap for a larger volume keg or the double tap for a greater variety. This fridge can fit any standard keg size except for half barrel, so stock up and start pouring. This fully featured unit is customizable to your liking with the ability to hinge the door on the left or right side, two stainless steel pull out racks with many positions to accommodate various sized items, and can be purchased with a caster kit in order to get the party “rolling”.

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Dual Drawer Refrigerator

All of the convenience of the Lynx refrigerators in a different layout. This outdoor-rated refrigerator has two separate drawers with plenty of space for anything you may need. At 17 inches deep, each drawer can hold as much as you may need. And with the convenient drawers, you are able to access everything inside of it without having to reach past other items like you sometimes need to do with a regular refrigerator. Additionally, the locking drawers can help keep sticky fingers away from the snacks and sodas. Set your temperature anywhere from 33 degrees F to 45 degrees F, and your fridge is ready to go.


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24" Outdoor Rated 5.2 Cubic Foot Dual Drawer Refrigerator
Lynx 15" wine cellar

A Wine Pairing

What would go better with your outdoor meal than a bottle of your favorite wine just how you like it? With is programmable digital temperature control, UV coated glass front, and forced air circulation, the 15” Wine Cellar can keep its maximum capacity of twenty bottles at just the right temperature. Its horizontal rack keeps the bottles at just the right angle to prevent cork deterioration.

So go ahead, grab a glass, and propose a toast to your perfect backyard getaway.

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Chill Out

Lynx’s Outdoor Ice Machine can easily produce 55 lbs of clear ice in only a 24 hour period. It can hold up to 27 lbs of ice once it has been made. Never worry about running out to the store for a bag of ice again when you have this machine installed in your outdoor kitchen.

It's small size makes it a perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen and its consistant ice production means you can keep on sipping cold drinks long after that dirty old bag of ice from the gas station would have melted

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Lynx 15" Ice maker
Lynx built in beverage center

The Life of the Party

Ready to mix things up a little? You’re sure to be the life of the party with a Lynx CocktailPro station complete with insulated ice bin, sink with water filtration system, and drain board for all your beverage mixing needs. Be ready to channel your inner bartender and start whipping up fanciful cocktails with ease.

You can even keep your party-goers sipping all day and night with the optional pass shelf with integrated light. The drinks you can make with the CocktailPro are limited only by your supplies and imagination, never the convenience of your space.

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