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Memphis Wood Fire Grills is the manufacture of Outdoor Rated BBQ Pellet Grills. Their Pellet Grills are made with quality and construction being the number one concern and what better way to do that then build your BBQ Pellet Grills in the United States of America. Memphis Pellet Grills know what it takes to create the perfect backyard barbecue. All of their Barbecue Wood Fired Grills use the following three requirements for creating the perfect Outdoor Grill. High Temperature Grill for Searing Steaks, Low and Slow Smoker for Briskets and High Performance Convection Oven for Baking and Roasting. These top three requirements for making the Best Barbecue are all featured in every Memphis Wood Fire Grill. Memphis Pellet Grills only use the best Stainless Steel in the industry for their BBQ Pellet Grills, depending on the model you will either get 430 Grade Stainless Steel or you will get 304 Grade Stainless Steel, both are a High-Quality material and will last outdoors the only difference is the nickel contain found in the two. Wood-Fired Flavor is the main reason to own a Memphis Pellet Grill. Form pellet flavors including Apple, Charcoal, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Oak and Pecan you have the perfect selection of flavor to add to your meat, also each bag of Natures Way Flavored BBQ Pellets is 100 percent natural hardwood and environmentally friendly. Some pellet grills go through a 20 pound bag of pellets in one cooking session, not the Memphis Pellet Grill, put this issue to the test, Memphis Wood Fire Grills put their Nature Ways Flavored BBQ Pellets to the test and found amazing results. One 20 Pound Bag of Pellets last approximately as long as a tank of liquid propane and costs the same. Pellet usage will vary depending on cooking temperature and duration of each cooking session, engineer tested at 350 degrees the Memphis Pellet Grill burns approximately one and a half pounds of pellets per hour. All Memphis Pellet Grills feature their Intelligent Temperature Controls of ITC, this simple control mechanism eliminate any need of having to tend to the grill or the fuel source, you simply push a button set your desired temperature, weather it would be a searing 700 degrees or Low and Slow setting at a 200 degrees and walk away, the Memphis Pellet Grill resembles an Indoor Oven when it comes to the controls of the unit making it very easy for the griller. The system uses a two-way intelligence system to measure the desired grill temperature every two seconds and add the needed pellets to the burn pot. The ITC Controls allows includes an internal meat probe or thermometer that if inserted into the food will display the current internal temperature of your meat, once the internal temperature reaches the desired temperate that you have select the ITC database will automatically reduce the grills temperature to warm, the lowest set point. Temperature ranges listed above will vary between Memphis Pellet Grill models.

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