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Offset Smokers

Offset smokers are usually always fueled by charcoal or wood. Certain models of offset smokers therefore, can also be viewed as an offset charcoal grill, performing double duty. On offset smokers, the fuel source is separated from the cooking chamber. This can be located on either the left hand or right hand side of the cooking chamber. The fire is maintained inside the burner box and the heat and smoke is controlled by the use of air vents strategically placed on opposing ends of the smoker. The vent at the burner box location will allow more or less air inside, increasing or decreasing the temperature of the fire, while the exhaust vent at the opposite side of the cooking chamber controls the amount of smoke and heat that passes through. The amount of smoke flavor that is imparted into the cooked foods will depend on the amount of smoke allowed to roll inside of the cooking chamber before escaping. Certain models of smokers will also provide another air vent inside the cooking chamber at the burner box location, further lessening the amount of heat allowed inside. This is advantageous for longer durations of smoking at low internal temperatures. Offset smokers can be found offering a variety of rack quantities, sizes, styles and construction materials including powder coated steel and non corrosive stainless steel. There are freestanding offset smokers to enjoy on the patio and even offset smoker trailers offering mobile enjoyment for outdoor events, tailgating or professional catering.

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