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When the temperature rises, a misting system can provide a cool, comfortable atmosphere. With many models having test results showing an ambient temperature reduction of 30 degrees Fahrenheit, this cooling effect can even be achieved mid-summer. A misting system is comprised of a high pressure pump, supply lines and nozzles. Water enters the system and the pump creates the pressure needed to force the water through the nozzles. Entry level systems feature supply lines made of vinyl or pvc and provide 100-150 PSI. Higher end systems will feature stainless steel or copper supply lines, up to and even exceeding 1000 PSI, micron filtration built into the pumps and are available in both dry climate and humid climate models. On humid climate models, the diameter of the nozzle orifice is smaller emitting less water. Water softeners and reverse osmosis filtration can be added to any misting system to ensure no sediment gets passed through the pump potentially damaging it or clogging the spray nozzles.

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