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Deck Lights

If you already have an outdoor deck constructed or you are planning on creating one for your outdoor enjoyment, consider the ambience and functional illumination that deck lights provide. Deck lighting can be visually enjoyed by everyone, near and far and especially prove helpful at night for the users while on the deck. There are many types of lighting to add to an existing deck or when planning out the construction of a new deck. For example, step lights are very helpful to make the stair treads more visible, which will not only improve the appearance of the stairway, but will lessen the risk of possible injury. Post mounted lights can be mounted to the lower interior or exterior surface of the post to assist in highlighting either the edges of the deck surface or to spot light the outer fascia. Finial lights can be added to the top of posts to assist in highlighting your railing. There is also rail lighting to mount the underside of your railing and edge lighting to accent a few areas or show off your entire deck perimeter.

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