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An outdoor shade structure can be an excellent addition to a residential exterior or commercial setting. They can be merely decorative, accenting an existing area or provide shelter from the intensity of the elements like sun and rain, allowing you to create stunning entertaining rooms or weather protected areas for you, your belongings or your clients. A gazebo can be constructed to establish a particular entertaining area while a portable shade canopy can be a solution for temporary outdoor events or outings. There are arbors, which can describe both small structures over gates or pathways to large freestanding ones. Shade sails can provide an elegant, modern design to your commercial or residential pool deck or dining areas. Shade awnings are usually attached to a wall and can be stationary shapes over windows or established sizes that can be extended and retracted manually or automatically over a patio. Car ports are available in many different sizes to offer protection to a variety of different sizes or quantities of vehicles. As you can see, there are a myriad of shade structures available to select from.

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