Manufactured By:  Party King Grills

Party King Grills Swing N' Smoke Large Grill, Medium Grill with Large Arm

Party King Grills Party Grill Package combines the Medium Sized Varsity Grill with the Large MVP Grill on the same VERSArm - MJV-9912



  • Model #:  MJV-9912
  • Both the MVP™ & VARSITY™ Grills include fold up side shelves and quick attach grill mounts. Note: it is best to leave off the two inside side shelves when two grills are combined together on one swing arm.
  • Grilling Temperature Range 200 – 700 Degrees F.
  • 34,500 BTUs
  • Two Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cooking Grates with Extended Life
  • Stainless Steel Warming Rack
  • Both Grills include the fine tune adjustable low flame internal temperature control valve.
  • VARSITY™ grilling surface 11.25” x 18.5” - VARSITY™ Grill weight 52 lbs.
  • MVP™ grilling surface 23.25” x 16” - MVP™ grill weight 97 lbs.
  • Total of Grills and Arm weight 204 lbs.